Three things to keep an eye on in any agreement you make

Agreements are a part of every business. While most agreements are formed without a hitch, the consequences of simple mistakes can cause major headaches and be costly for your business. Here are some issues to think about and potentially avoid some very big problems.  Agreements can be legally binding despite being extremely informal A common...

Super and annual leave – topic of the day

Whether superannuation guarantee (SG) had to be paid in respect of annual leave loading was a confused issue. In early 2019,  the ATO clarified its position by confirming that annual leave loading will be ordinary time earnings (OTE) unless there is written evidence clarifying the reason for the loading and that it is referrable to...
employment law

Navigating Employment Law for Small Businesses

All businesses in Australia, whether you operate as a sole trader or company, must comply with the minimum entitlements under employment legislation and regulations. Many businesses must also comply with specific requirements associated with its industry. Failure to adhere to employment laws can result in investigations and fines.  But did you know that there are...

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