buy and sell business

What You Need to Know When Buying or Selling a Business

When negotiating the terms of sale or purchase of a business what will need to be considered will vary depending on the type of business involved.  However, there are some general considerations that you need to take into account for most businesses:  Terms of the contract  Some of the important things that should be dealt...
employment matters

Employment matters – we like to understand your business

Employment law affects all businesses with employees. Employment relationships can be complex and the rights and responsibilities are ever-evolving. An employment law “health check” is worth the investment to ensure your business is compliant with legal obligations whilst protecting your business’ interests for the future. At Cohen Legal, we pride ourselves in providing our clients...
intellectual property

Partnership Disputes over Intellectual Property

When a business owned by two or more partners dissolves, disputes over how to divide intellectual property (IP) ownership rights between partners often arise, particularly when the partnership agreement does not provide any recourse or there is no partnership agreement at all. Two partners set up a business. Both had great plans for their new...

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