choose executor

How to Choose the Right Executor

When it comes time to prepare your will, it is also time to consider nominating at least one person to be the executor of your estate.  The executor’s role is to administer your estate in accordance with your will. While it may seem straight forward and easy to allocate this role, it should not be...
power of attorney

What is a Power of Attorney?

Have you ever considered what would happened if you lost capacity to make your own decisions? Wouldn’t you want to have control over who can make decisions for you if you did? Who would you trust to make those big life decisions for you? A power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that allows...

6 Things You Need to Consider for Your Will

Estate planning is one of those things we love helping clients with, but something that clients often want to avoid! You can’t get out of life alive so stop avoiding it and get prepared! A will is a powerful document – it sets out how your assets will be distributed once you pass away. So,...

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