Commercial lease – get advice before signing

Before you sign a commercial lease, you should have a lawyer review it first.

A commercial lease is a legal document that sets out the rights and responsibilities of both the tenant and the landlord of commercial or business premises. It is a contract for the rental of the premises by the tenant. A commercial lease will typically include:

  • the term of lease
  • the rental amount and other payment terms
  • options of renewal
  • other terms and conditions

Leases vary in complexity and term. A well drafted lease will protect and benefit both parties. Seeking legal advice before entering into a lease agreement will ensure the lease is in your best interests and is customised to reflect your specific circumstances and requirements. Afterall, entering into a lease is, for many businesses, a big financial commitment and a long-term one.

The cost of reviewing the lease is a worthwhile investment.  Getting advice from a lawyer will ensure you fully understand the terms of the agreement, there are no hidden factors that may affect your business and minimise costly disputes in the future.

At Cohen Legal, you get professional advice from our experienced commercial lease team. Our services include:

  • a review of the lease documentation
  • written advice in plain English summarising the lease, your obligations and any red flags
  • recommended changes to secure a better deal
  • negotiating changes with the landlord (or its solicitors) your behalf.

Get in touch with us to talk about your leasing needs. At Cohen Legal we’re here to help.