Pay increase for group 2 workers – do your employees fall under group 2?

The Fair Work Commission announced in June a 1.75% increase to minimum wages as part of its annual review. Due to the significant impacts of the pandemic in some industries, the start date of the wage increase was staggered in 3 different groups.

Group 1 had a wage increase in 1 July 2020. These included workers covered by an award that has been the least affected by the pandemic such as the aged care, nurses and children’s services awards.

The wage increase for Group 2 commenced on 1 November 2020. This group includes a wide range of industries:


Group 2 workers

The wage increase for Group 3 will apply from 1 February 2021. Group 3 includes workers covered by an award that have been significantly affected by the pandemic, including the hair and beauty, restaurant and hospitality awards.


Employers should be aware of when the wage increase applies to their employees to ensure compliance with their legal obligations. Contact Us to discuss your employment matters.