Our business is protecting yours.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. You may now need to fight harder to keep it.

There’s different ways people can carry on a business. For example, it can be in your own name, through a company or a partnership. What follows from that is there are different ways a dispute might be resolved because different laws can apply.

Irreconcilable differences between business partners often happens. Someone has suggested that funds have been used improperly. The honeymoon period is definitely over.

Or perhaps what originally started as an exciting and new joint venture between people with a common aim has gone sour because one of the partners has not held up their end of the deal.

Maybe it’s the case that goods you’ve supplied or leased to a customer have not been paid for and the customer has gone into liquidation. The liquidator is now asserting that your goods are theirs.

Inaction may jeopardise your rights or adversely affect the outcome you might have obtained had you done something sooner.

Act now.

Business structuring and restructuring

We work alongside your accountant to develop the right structure for your business based on your current and anticipated needs, whether it’s to establish your new start up or to restructure your existing business our business is protecting yours.

Business sales and purchases

The sale or purchase of a business can be a complex process, with many factors to consider. Our team of lawyers can assist you throughout this process to ensure the best outcome.

Preparation of partnership and shareholders agreements

Business is about relationships. The right shareholder and partnership agreement will ensure everyone is on the same page and set out how problems should be dealt with. We can assist with tailored business agreements that meets your business needs and goals.

Company incorporation

Looking to establish a new business? We can ensure that you’re setting up your business soundly —whether by partnership, joint venture, company or trust. We also offer advice on restructuring your business, partnership dissolutions, and corporate restructures.

Establishment of trusts

Trusts are a commonly used structure for holding investments and carrying on small to medium sized businesses. When appropriately incorporated into your business or personal investment strategy, trusts can offer benefits in terms of asset protection, estate and succession planning and tax efficiency. Talk to us to see if this structure is the best option for you and your business.

Preparation of joint venture agreements

Joint venture agreements set out the terms and conditions under which two or more businesses agree to work together for a shared purpose. We can help by drafting agreed terms will minimise your risk and provide the ground rules for managing potential problems.

Preparation of mortgage and other security documents

Mortgages; loans; guarantees; charges; and other securities documentation. We can draft and review them all for you.

Preparation of standard terms and conditions

It is important to ensure that your terms and conditions are specifically written for your business. A copy and paste job may put you at risk of uncertainty and misunderstandings. We can help you with tailored terms and conditions for all your business needs.

Preparation of standard hire agreements

Hire agreements can be complex. It’s important to ensure that they are clear and set out the expectation of both parties. We can help you make the most of your business interests.

Personal Property Securities Act advice

This is a complex area of law. No longer is “possession 9/10ths of the law”, as it is often said. Now, what’s paramount is whether you have your security interest registered on the Personal Properties Securities Register.

Partnership disputes

Fallen out with your partner? Have you received a notice of dissolution of partnership or want to issue one? The appointment of a receiver might be appropriate. Call us to discuss the best steps you should take.

Joint venture disputes

Have you got a joint venture agreement in place and if so, does it set out what should happen given the current dispute? What’s the profit-sharing arrangement? Get some advice on where things stand and what should happen before the joint venture becomes disjointed.

Incorporated associations

An incorporated association can be a suitable structure for community-based groups. It is a separate legal entity, like a company, so it can hold assets and can sue and be sued in its own name. We can assist incorporated associations by providing advice on all aspects of running an incorporated association, from advising on the rules to assisting with dispute resolution before the Supreme Court.

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